Put your health in the hands of a caring expert

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Naples, Florida 34102


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Put your health in the hands of a caring expert.David Scott Madwar, MD, a Naples, Florida medical care manager, believes a patient’s medical and preventive health care should be a commitment, personalized and delivered with the gift of quality time in the office, hospital and at home.

Dr. Madwar is a dedicated advocate for the well-being of his Naples, Florida patients. He believes that boutique, or concierge medicine as it is also known, should be the reference standard of care offering the finest in medical service and quality.

Dr. Madwar offers advantages over the traditional method of preventive health care delivery. He acts as your personal medical care manager with whom you can entrust your health. This trust includes a strong foundation of accessibility and continuity. We strive to provide thoughtful preventive health care services along with the time honored service of house calls, management of acute personalized medical care in the hospital and 24-hour availability.twin bed sheets amazon