Annual Physical Exam

There is no extra cost for your comprehensive annual medical exam. It is a thoughtfully devised
preventive health care process with specific goals: assessment of any existing illness,
preservation of health and most importantly, early detection and prevention of disease.


House Call

In the event you are ill and unable to come to our office, house calls by our private doctor, Dr.
David Scott Madwar, is available as deemed appropriate on a case-by-case basis.


24-Hour Access, 7 Days a Week

You will be welcome to call Dr. Madwar’s personal cell and home phone numbers, allowing easy access to Naples personalized medical care 24/7. We ask our patients to use this service only when necessary, but encourage you to do so before seeking private medical care elsewhere.

Ideally, please contact us immediately whenever you’re ill or injured, before you go to ahospital or urgent care center, or immediately after paramedics are called. In some cases, Dr. Madwar may be able to handle your situation by phone, or meet you at the office, the hospital or your home.


Direct Phone Access During Office Hours

All phone calls will be returned promptly. If you believe your problem is “urgent,” we consider it urgent, and Dr. Madwar will speak to you right away.


Same-Day or Next-Business-Day Appointments

Immediate appointments are available—even for minor and non-urgent medical problems. The only exception is your annual physical for preventative health care.
Little or No Office Waiting Time Dr. Madwar offers relaxed and typically longer appointments than the average Naples private doctor.

Convenient Fax or E-mail Access

This may be the easiest way to contact us regarding a non-urgent health care issue or question.
You will receive a prompt response, usually within 24 hours. Keep in mind that e-mail should not be used to disclose personal or confidential information as it can be intercepted and read by third parties. Responses by e-mail are at Dr. Madwar’s discretion.


Liaison with Specialists

For complicated medical issues, we can invite other Naples personalized medical care
specialists to participate in and discuss treatment options with you and your family, by request.


Daily Hospital Visits

Dr. Madwar is your medical care manager and will come to the hospital to personally oversee your inpatient care.


Personalized Medical Research

We’ll investigate the answers to your individual healthcare questions.


Preventive Medicine and Long-Term Health Care and Wellness

Depending on your needs, Dr. Madwar will offer a personalized health risk assessment and counseling for weight management, nutrition and exercise.


Monthly E-Mail Updates and Group Meetings

You’ll be invited to participate in forums held at our office. A variety of timely health care issues will be discussed and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other patients.


Specially Trained Staff

Our dedicated caregivers will assist you and advocate on your behalf. We will make every attempt to facilitate prompt and convenient outside consultations for you when they are needed.


End-of-Life Counseling

We’ll visit with you and your family to discuss viable options, legal choices, personal issues and advocate for your last wishes.