Stephen Farrington

Dear Scott,

I simply wish to express my great appreciation for the outstanding health care that you provide to me.

With the passing of my wife several years ago, I have been living alone. In addition, other than occasionally visiting the walk-in clinic, I did not have a personal physician here in Naples. I began to worry as to what would become of me if I were to suddenly become ill. Who would know, and what would be the accessability and quality of medical care. In October of 2006, a good friend was taken late at night to Naples Community Hospital. He remained there for three days. He too did not have a primary care physician, and so his care was the product of whomever was on duty at any particular time. As we later talked about our situations, it became clear that we needed someone to take charge of our medical well-being. By great good fortune, we were directed to you at the time your concierge practice was just starting. I have only been pleased, never disappointed. You visited my home at 10:30 one night to check on my son who was ill. You have made it clear that if I should ever need a specialist, you have the ability to make that prompt appointment with a physician known to you. This is a great comfort here in Naples when it can be so busy and difficult during the season.

Even more important though is the obvious intellect and caring that you bring to the practice of medicine. It seems clear that you truly care about my health, and that care is manifest not just in your response to a problem, but equally so in the ongoing dialogue that enables you to coach me as to better living and preventative health care. In our lives we make many decisions. Those concerning our health should be of the highest priority. My decision to join your concierge practice is easily one of the best and most comforting decisions I have made.

Thanks again.

Stephen Farrington