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Bruce & Cathy Carswell

Bruce and I have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel! I am still convinced that we wouldn’t be at this point of Bruce’s recovery without you. Your care and compassion made a dramatic difference to his return to health as well as my comfort and peace

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Kay & Roger Haupt

In March we made a trip to Chicago to resolve some medical problems. We returned dissatisfied, disappointed and thoroughly disillusioned about the quality of Internal Medicine we encountered and, to make matters worse, with no clear answers. On our return to Naples, we decided to start afresh and look for

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Stephen Farrington

Dear Scott, I simply wish to express my great appreciation for the outstanding health care that you provide to me. With the passing of my wife several years ago, I have been living alone. In addition, other than occasionally visiting the walk-in clinic, I did not have a personal physician

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Ronald McGinty

My decision to use a concierge medical doctor was not on my radar screen because I was healthy – or so I thought. Dr. Madwar had been my Internist for a few years. After he set up his new practice, we talked, and I decided to join. Now, nine months

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